Current Landscaping Job Opportunities

Current Landscaping Job Opportunities

For 20 years, we’ve worked with talented, creative employees to build some of the coolest landscapes around.   Treasured Earth is a different kind of landscape company – we are Straightforward, Honest, Obsessed with doing the job right, and Committed to our employees every step of the way (just ask them!)   We have built a true team culture around here – we learn together, laugh together, work hard together and make money together.  We love the outdoor life and building SPECTACULAR projects that we’re proud of for our clients!

There’s where you come in.  We have a very busy season lined up and we are looking to expand our team.  We are only looking for the best of the best; we aren’t looking for temporary workers.  Our goal is to provide great jobs for our employees for the long term.  Here’s what we offer:

  • Outstanding pay w/overtime (If you are the best, you’re not going to have to worry about being paid above the industry average when you work with us.  Our goal is to invest in the best people, period.)
  • Paid vacation
  • A bonus program
  • Training and educational reimbursement

Open Positions

Landscape Designer / Sales (Full or Part Time) – In the past couple of years, business has ramped up tremendously, and we’re looking for an experienced landscape designer to help us create design “works of art” for our clients.  Creativity and a true outdoor vision are required, as well as the ability to get a little “eccentric” in design.  I am looking for someone who can truly “express themselves” and blend plants, stone, water and other elements into great outdoor spaces.

  • We are very heavy on brick, stone, wood and other hardscape elements, so experience there is EXTREMELY important.
  • We like to step outside of the box when it comes to plantings.  
  • We install only the highest quality projects.
  • And we DON’T do boring!

Position requirements:

On the technical side, a knowledge of CAD / Dynascape is preferred.  We sometimes model in Sketchup as well, so that’d be a good thing for our new designer to know.  

 If this sounds like something you’re interested in, let’s talk.  Please forward qualifications via email, and we will contact you to arrange to look over your portfolio.

Landscape Supervisor / Foreman – Our Landscape / Hardscape Foreman manages landscaping projects from start to finish.  Position requirements:

  • At least 2 years’ field experience managing landscape / hardscape crew members and tracking project time.
  • Ability to work onsite, alongside your fellow crew members.
  • One great story about how you helped a past team member learn something new.
  • Interest in advancing and taking on more leadership roles.
  • Be able to interact with our clients on a professional level.
  • Ability to mentor people on your crew.
  • A thorough understanding of job layout and preparation, shooting grades, etc. for brick pavers
  • Full working knowledge of hardscape construction techniques, products, equipment and tools
  • Able to work in, and appreciate, beautiful days, rainy days, very hot days & very colds days.
  • MUST be drug free
  • Must have valid driver’s chauffeurs license & good driving record
  • Above all, you’ve got to LOVE the Green Industry and want to develop a high paying career in this business!

Landscape Tech – Our Landscape Techs are the craftsmen that build the projects we’re so proud of.  Position requirements:

  • At least 1 years’ experience in brick pavers, retaining walls, and plant installation.
  • Must know how to operate landscape equipment – Bobcats, cut off saws, grinders, etc.
  • MUST produce excellent quality work that you’re proud of.
  • Able to work in, and appreciate, beautiful days, rainy days, very hot days & very colds days.
  • Valid chauffeurs license and good transportation.
  • We would prefer if you were interested in advancing on to leadership roles.  We always like to promote from within.
  • MOST OF ALL – must have a good head on your shoulders, be professional, and responsible!