Brick Pavers, Stone Patios

Brick Pavers, Stone Patios

Treasured Earth builds backyard patios, stone walkways, kitchens and courtyards in just about any style you can imagine. We incorporate brick pavers, natural stone, gravel – whatever your tastes and budget call for.

Patios from Ann Arbor and Saline to Milford and Plymouth

We install custom patio projects throughout Southeast Michigan. From a simple stone patio and fire pit, to full outdoor recreation areas, we can help you build your dream weekend escape!

Frequently Asked Questions About Brick Pavers:

Should I consider brick paving for my Michigan home?

If you are looking for an aesthetic change, or to replace broken asphalt, paving bricks offer an outstanding alternative. They are especially good for areas that present a challenge, such as wet or unstable soils or depressions. Brick paving is a great way to improve the value of your home.

Is brick a better paving material than asphalt?

Generally, yes, although it is a bit more expensive to install. Pavers distribute pressure laterally, which means less pressure per square inch. Also, pavers will “breathe” during seasonal temperature changes. Asphalt do not have the ability to expand and contract, which is why cracks can appear after a year or two (although cracks in properly installed concrete shouldn’t be very noticeable.)

Are brick pavers expensive?

Pavers are more expensive than asphalt. If the pavers are installed right the first time, your investment will pay off in the long run. Pavers are in place forever. During the lifetime of the paver project you would have to replace or redo asphalt two or more times to maintain that neat appearance. And, if you decide to move, resale value is almost always more than the installation cost. You’ll also have a great looking walkway, driveway, or patio.

How long does installation take?

Normal walkways take about a week. Patios and driveways depend on the size and complexity, but usually one to two weeks.

How many choices are there and how do I make a decision?

During our first meeting, we’ll provide you with brochures, pictures and samples to get the thought process started. We may even arrange a trip to one of our suppliers in Southeast Michigan so that you can see your new materials up close. We’ll educate you on you choices and give you advice on what your best options are, but the final decision will still be up to you.